How To Write A Travel Blog

Travel blog writing is a very good hobby and this can be better if you want to make it your profession. There are already having dedicated travel blogs, magazines, and sites, that you should be making a lot of deficits to make your own place among them all. Even if you are quite economical and mercantile to invest your time without any experience and travel background, travel writing can be highly rewarding.



The first step to being the travel writer does read as much as travel blogs as you can. You will find great help from reading others’ travel blogs and learn how travel blogs are and how they are written. This will also help you in what kind of travel writing you want to do and how you should start it.

  • Try to read one or two Famous Travel Writing Blogs regularly for a month or more. Give more attention to the thing that how they are writing their stories. What are they focusing on? And how are the respondents on their stories?
  • All travel bloggers are different, they all have different themes, ideas, and different writing skills but you will find they all aim to provide as much as the information they can for readers, attractive content and accessible to readers. All top travel bloggers provide their personality, their lifestyle, their hobby, for which they are passionate about, their likes and dislike what they choose to write about.
  • If you do not know which blog to read and visit which site will help you start travel blogging then I suggest you some popular travel blogs like Nomadic Matt, View from the Wing, Expert Vagabond, or The Planet D are some great places to start.
  • Do not be afraid to spell your time in reading others’ travel blogs because gaining as much as information you can before writing is very helpful. The additional data you’ve got, the better prepared you’ll be after you begin writing yourself.


Figure out your niche or angle

There are still plenty of travel writers that are working online and offline, Closer to being your point of view is better. You can take pictures of places you visit this helps in capturing the experience that you were going through at that particular moment. These pictures give the essence of that place on the blog you are going to write on your journey. And overall increase the quality of the blog and makes it interesting so that people are attracted to your blog.

Key points

  • One of the most important things is finding the name of the blog it should be attractive one that could catch the eye of the visitors (the people who visit your blog).it should leave an image in the mind of the reader so that get attracted to your blog here are some suggestion from the side-
  1. Nomad
  2. Adventurous
  3. Wander
  4. Journey
  5. Backpacker
  • If you are planning to write a blog then host it as soon as it possible because right now it is not that expensive but when the traffic is going to come then it going to be a lot expensive. Don’t worry it that much hosting is not that difficult there are few servers that are very good and simple such as a blue host.
  • Find the place that you want to visit and write a blog on there are lots of places which are separated from metropolitan places where people want to visit for mental satisfaction such as Leh and Ladakh. This is one of the most crucial steps so take enough time to decide that which place you want to capture.
  • The second step to initiate your blog is to know about that place by talking to peoples who live there. So make sure to contact people during your journey to know about that place (about its weather, food, history, etc.) this will help in making your blog detailed and with enough knowledge. This is because a visitor to your site needs an eye-catching text so that they feel that they are personally at that place which you are describing in your blog.

Collect Facts

Collect the facts about the place such as directions you should write down the directions during your journey so that you can provide accurate information to your visitors about that place. Also, you should clarify the name of streets and hotels and restaurants that are popular at that place so that you can give authentic information through your blog to the visitors of your blog.

  • Keep a travel journal always with you and update it daily with your experiences during the journey as for example- if you visit a restaurant then you should write about its specialty they food you ordered their ingredients of that particular dish and your experience about that dish.
  • Interview the people you meet during your journey (both locals and travelers) ask them about their experience about that place rectify them to add to your blog this will help in making your blog more interesting.
  • Appeal to all the senses of your body to write your experience about that place for example – view from the top of a mountain, the smell of the flowers there, sounds of birds chirping makes you one with nature and surrounding just write these feelings from different senses in your journal. And when you create your blog then these experience will help you to create a unique masterpiece.

USe Technology

  • Take the help of technology (pictures and videotapes) to capture the different tradition and festivals that are going around you in that place. So that you can write about the tradition and \culture of that place in a detailed and interesting manner. Make the person who is reading your blog believe that he or she itself is there at that place and enjoying the beauty of that place.
  • Invite other travelers to post their experience on your blog this will help to gain popularity and also his or her experience will help to enhance the quality of your blog. Two people are always better than one so indirectly he will help you to make a nice blog and maintain it. They can also help you to write about places that you will not get a chance to visit. And thus enhancing the area of your blog.
  • You should always answer the comments and questions on your blog so that people who are having any kind of drought regarding that place can clarify for you. This will help in creating a good image in the eyes of the people who visit your blog and your blog will get popular through this.


How to keep this blog going

  • The best way to maintain a blog and writing about places is to travel a lot and make it your passion and collect experiences of different adventurous experiences to write about.


  • If you have a busy schedule then you can write about the past experience which you have gone through while traveling on older trips.


  • Promote your blog with social media but don’t bombard your visitors with links and messages instead of that talk to them on social media. LEARN about the SEO techniques so that you can come on the top of the google searches whenever tries to find a blog in a particular place.

What comes next after this?

  • It’s hard to get money from the blogging but there is another way to earn through blogging you need to draw the attention of the advertiser on your blog by increasing your readership. Some company’s sponsor your blog if you get a good readership.
  • And the most important benefit that you get from blogging is that your presentation and communication skills will also get improved.
  • In the beginning, it takes intense efforts but after few months you will get popular and used to blogging and you can also earn with it.
  • You have to think long-term because it takes time and lots of efforts to settle. The most important thing is you need to increase your readership that is one of the main parts that you need to focus on.


Good to go!!!!

So, guys, I have told you important points of being a travel blogger one more thing I want to tell you is that increase the parameter of you thinking if you want to get into blogging. Consider more parameters before writing about something this will make your blog more deep and effective. And the better content you write more readers will be there on your blog and you can easily get popular.

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