How to get rid of them from your Gmail Unwanted Emails

Many times your Inbox can be a headache for you when you receive numerous Gmail unwanted emails. Sometimes you subscribe to many email subscriptions for a discount coupon, free ebook, offer or any other reason. Over time some email newsletter starts sending you junk, which you do not like at all.


I can say with the claim that you too face such situations.

For example, from different communities in schools or colleges, jobs & bank inquiries, real estate, and news etc. Most such services send daily annoying emails to your inbox and even several times a day.

There are many such emails that you can easily unsubscribe whenever you want. But every service does not offer this type of facility and you keep searching for a link to unsubscribe.

Until a while ago I had no idea how to easily unsubscribe these unwanted emails but now it is.

Today I will tell you about such a free service so that you can easily know which newsletters you subscribe and can unsubscribe to anyone at the same click. So let’s know about this great service. unsubscribe to unwanted email newsletters with a click. is a free web-service that connects to your Gmail account and it shows the complete list in which you can find out which newsletters you have subscribed to and easily click on anyone click Can also unsubscribe.

In some cases, if you do not want to unsubscribe some newsletters such as social media updates etc. you can add them to Rollup.

What will happen if you consolidate all the emails of one day and you will be sent as a single email? In this way, your Inbox will be clean and your headache will also be reduced.

The process is very easy. Just follow these steps.

  • Go to and enter your email address.
  • On the next page, he will ask you to authenticate to access your Gmail account.
  • After authentication, it will start scanning your Inbox and show a progress bar.
  • When completes the scan of your inbox, then you simply click on “continue to next step”.
  • On the next page, he will show you a list of all the email newsletters you have subscribed to.
  • You can unsubscribe anyone by clicking on the unsubscribe button in front of them or you can also add to Rollup. Have a screenshot of it here.

It will take some time to unsubscribe to all email newsletters but it is a time-qualified process.

Blindly instead of unsubscribing to all email newsletters, I would advise you to choose and unsubscribe email newsletters, because you would not want to miss some important emails. Such as from Bank, Paypal, and LinkedIn to some others.

Harsh takes about 5 minutes to unsubscribe 190+ email newsletters, but in the coming days, they will not bother these unwanted emails. On one side, unsubscribe does not mean that it will also delete your old emails, for that you can choose another free service Other-Inbox. is a great service that can deal with this issue of annoying emails. You can just finish it by using it once in a while.

Gmail Bonus Tip

It’s a very easy way that you can unsubscribe newsletters from Gmail just by email. Open any of your email newsletters and click on the drop-down of the Received field. There you will find an option to unsubscribe, click it and easily unsubscribe that particular email newsletter. Have a screenshot of it here.

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