How to create a WordPress Website or blog in the next 10 minutes

Do you want your fashion, tech, finance or food based blog? How will a travel blog be where you share your experience?

If your answer is yes then your requirement is a website or a blog, you can do it with WordPress. Know how easy it is to create a WordPress website or blog in the next 10 minutes.

Many users asked us to write a post about how to install WordPress on Bluehost and similar hosting.


So let’s start with Bluehost, one of the tops recommended hosting for WordPress and also offers WordPress special hosting. Bluehost offers shared hosting for WordPress bloggers, where they offer unlimited hosting, unlimited domain, cPanel, one-click WordPress installation, custom script installation, free AdWords coupon and free domain registration for one year. When you are searching for a reliable WordPress hosting, there is no reason to ignore Bluehost. Here is the Bluehost special discount link, which will help you get a special discount on Bluehost hosting.

Sign up for Bluehost (I recommend plus package)

So, I assume that you have your domain purchased and are hosting from Bluehost and you have logged into Bluehost. So let us go ahead with how to install WordPress on this tutorial Bluehost.

How to create a WordPress site or blog in the next 10 minutes?

If you are accustomed to cPanel, you will not have any problem using Bluehost’s cPanel, but if you are taken in it, this step by step tutorial will help you in it.

If you have purchased a domain name from somewhere else, you have to point NS to the Bluehost nameservers which are:


Once you updated the nameservers, or you used the same domain name that you took when buying a hosting from Bluehost, you can simply start with WordPress installation on Bluehost hosting.

Login to your Bluehost cPanel account using the domain name and password received at the time of SignUp.

Bluehost offers two site builder script to install WordPress: simple scripts and WordPress. I’m not going to discuss any of these pros and cons, because you can choose any of these to start with WordPress in 5 minutes. For the simplicity of this tutorial, we will use Mojo one click WordPress installer. It’s free and makes it easy for everyone to create a fast WordPress blog posture.

Under your Bluehost Dashboard, click on Install WordPress on the Website tab.

Click Install on the next page and this will take you to the final WordPress installation page.

Here you have to select the domain where you want your WordPress blog. You can put your WordPress site with www or without www. I would advise you not to use www.

Advanced options:

Once you’ve completed the above step, next step will need to configure options like WordPress admin login and password. Other options such as blog name, you can always edit them under the WordPress dashboard under Settings> General. Remember also by default the email address of your Bluehost account will be your admin email address. (the Email address that you used to signup)

Click on install now and hold your excitement for 2 minutes. Once the auto-installer completes its one, the top bar will be similar to or similar to the image given below.

Click on View credentials and on the next page you can see your WordPress login details.

On the next page you will see your WordPress installation tax status and once it will say, you can log in by typing (replace with actual domain name) in your WordPress dashboard.

Do you know that the WordPress dashboard makes it easy to publish your posts and manage the blog?

Now what you have to do is to delete sample posts and comments, change the permalink structure and configure other essential settings to start blogging on WordPress.

Such easy and quick installations also help make WordPress the world’s most popular blogging platform and CMS.

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