How much income can you earn from Google AdSense

Each blogger wants to earn money through his blog and his first choice is to earn money from Google Adsense. If you talk about affiliate marketing and CPA marketing, then both of them pay more than Adsense. But still, the first choice of all new bloggers is Adsense. Because AdSense is like a savings account where the most fixed interest rate is available. While working like an affiliate marketing mutual fund investment, where you get high income.


This post Adsense vs. Affiliate marketing is not for comparison, but this post is for those related to Adsense which everyone wants to know. A few days ago my friend Shubhan had asked me how much we can earn from Adsense through his blog. Keeping the same question in mind, I am writing this blog post. I hope you like this article related to Adsense.

Email from Shubham:

Subham ( wrote:
Hey Saddam, I want some help from you and I want to know that my site is ready for the adsense? I have daily pageviews of 2500+ and ups and downs life 3500-4500 .. I also got the backlinks from phonearena and gsmarena and many other websites. I will be very thankful to you if you tell me about my website and if I am eligible for the adsense, how much I will earn


How much money can earn from Adsense

The first question of Shubam begins to answer:

Good luck, you have to professionally design your blog. And your blog looks great. All your content is also original and value is adding. You are using a BlogSpot platform. You have no problem with the BlogSpot platform. I would recommend that you use a custom domain email address. And then apply for Adsense.

The second question of Shubham was that “How much will I earn from AdSense?”

This is a question that bloggers ask everywhere. When I was a new user of AdSense, the same question remained in my mind how much money we could get from Adsense. I have read in many places that people earn up to $ 50 / click or Adsense every month to thousands of dollars. But I also believe that I have never earned much money from Adsense.

How can you calculate your future AdSense income?

You can not easily calculate your future AdSense earnings because you do not know how much money you can get on Adsense per click. The fact is that AdSense income depends on many factors. Here I tell you about some of the most common factors that increase your AdSense earnings.

1. Topic of your blog

Start with the basics of AdSense. Google AdSense is based on the concept of AdWords. Where advertisers bids on keywords and then ads from Google Adsense appear on third-party websites like you and me.
Over time, the advertisers are becoming smart and they are doing many bids on long-tail keywords so that they can get a better conversion.

Now here’s a concept about high-paying and low-paying niches. For example, health, financial loans or legal niche is high CPC (cost per click) niche. While movies or posters like niche are low paying niche Technology niche is a moderate AdSense niche and its income depends on many factors on every single click.

2. Your Traffic Demographic

Country base traffic plays a very important role in the income of AdSense.

The income of AdSense also depends on which country your traffic is coming from on your blog. For example, suppose more traffic to your blog is coming from a country such as the U.S.A and U.K, you will earn more on every click of your AdSense ads. Because there is more caps of AdSense in this country.

Similarly, if you are getting traffic from your country like Asia and India, like India and Nepal, then there will be very little income on every click on Adsense ads, because the cpc of Adsense in this country is very low. This is the reason
The Adsense income of Hindi Blogs is a lot of work.

Other Common Factors:

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, there are many other factors that make the difference in AdSense’s income, such as Ad placement, ad blending, and types of Ads.

You can easily optimize all these factors strategically ways.

The next time you have questions about how much money can be made by Adsense, you can ask yourself the answer. In the earning of Adsense, the blog’s niche and Traffic Demographic play a very important role. You have to work well on both of these things, then your Adsense will be a good income.

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