Best Google Adsense Ad Placement Guide To Make More Money

Whenever we talk about increasing the CPC of Google Adsense, you will hear a common word, “AdSense Heatmap”. In this post, I will tell you what Adsense Heatmap is and how you can use it to put Google Adsense ads in a perfect place on your blog.


What are heatmap and what are its benefits

First of all, what is Heatmap? Heatmap is a kind of visual representation that tells you that visitors who are coming to your site are saying that they are clicking and the most interaction is called. There are so many benefits

1. You can design your blog’s layout
2. You can decide on your ads, you can decide

Today, we will only talk about Adsense heat map and it will know that there is a great place to apply Adsense ad so that we get maximum CTR.

Best Place to Place Google Adsense Ads

Placement of ads in Google AdSense is a tricky task, and if you put your ads in the best way, this can lead to the traffic of two times your website, and your readers will not even be annoyed. You can double the income of your Google AdSense with a little wisely.

Whenever you place an ad on your website, first of all, you have asked these three questions:

  • Why have your readers come to your site?
  • Is your content more important or advertisement?
  • Where do you place an ad in place so that your readers are not disturbed?

You can think that I can write a great blog post and I can get more organic traffic and better traffic means better income. But think of other ways, place ads in the right place and take care of the quality of your blog post. If you think this way, you will gain both the skills, in the traffic and also in the income.

Therefore, some great places where you can place ads are given below. (From these you can get a good CTR)

  • Putting the ad in the top in your article can get a good CTR.
  • Above the fold
  • As a Sidebar Banner
  • As a Sidebar Video Unit
  • If you think only about income, then you can place AdSense’s Ad links units in the middle of the content.
  • Using Google Search for the search feature in your website is a great idea.

I would still ask you to place the ads accordingly so that your readers will not be disturbed. You must know that if you keep empty white space on your website at the place of advertisements, then your site looks great.

Tell me if you have any questions related to this post in your mind?

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