WordPress Ping List for Fast Indexing of WordPress Posts

Ping List for Fast Indexing of WordPress Posts

Today, In this article I share with you the thing which will be very helpful for your blog. There are lots of people who ask in comments that their blog post is not rank in a search engine or it takes a lot of time to rank a blog post in the search engine. I prepare the unique WordPress Ping List for you. If you submit it to your ping list setting then your chances of fast ndexing of your blog posts may be increased too much.


How Search Engine Index Blog Post

Before we know about ping list you should know about the process in which search engine fetch your blog post and index them.

Google and other search engines crawl on every websites and blog posts or any pages on the internet with the help of Web Spiders. Web Spiders are basically the name of that technology which search engine uses to fetch WebPages. Google and other search engine send these web spiders rarely to fetch on your blog pages.  Now, this rarely reaches web spiders on your blog vary to each and every blog and website.  Mostly on big and popular blogs search engine send these web spiders or bots in every 10 minutes and on less popular blog web spider may become once in 10 days.

Now, this depends on your blog reach on the Internet. When search engine bots or spiders fetch any webpage then they will redirect each and every hyperlink within that page and fetch every page link to that page. Likewise by following these process spiders crawl all the pages on the internet.

Now, just imagine that there is 100 well-internally linked blogs. Among these blogs spiders come on some blogs in very high frequency and on others are in very less frequency. But due to internal linking search engine fetch all the blogs soon. So this is the thing by which blogs contain good backlinks rank faster.


What does WordPress ping functionality work?


When you publish a new blog post then WordPress ping functionality send a ping to various ping based websites. Basically, this is the method to tell various websites and search engines that you publish a new blog post.

When your blog ping to various ping websites then basically you tell some portion of the internet that you publish a new blog post. Then Search engine crawl that portion of internet so chances are pretty much increasing that spider crawls your post and index faster.

By default, WordPress notify your post to every major ping services whenever you publish a new post but we always manually improve this service by adding new ping services.


 WordPress Ping List

I compile a list of WordPress ping services by which you definitely get help to ping your services instantly.



How to add Ping List to WordPress?

Now you get the ping list but you tend to know about how to add it in WordPress.

To know this please follow the steps below.

Firstly, go to your Dashboard then Settings > Writing

Wordpress Ping List


Then in writing options page go to Update Services, paste the ping list there and click on the Save Changes button.

Paste The Ping


That’s it! Due to this, you can increase the chances of faster indexing of your WordPress blog.

To read these types of informational posts and to get new blog post notification subscribes this blog. You can ask any question related to this post in the comment section.

Tell me if you have any question in your mind related to this post.


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